“Couldn’t share that” is a project developed and first presented at the Biennale of Feminine Photography of Mantova (2024 Edition - Private).

In a world dominated by the allure of social media, the project explores the unexpressed fears around the complex and though lives of content creators, influencers and people that want to cultivate an online community, for work or passion.

Fueled by the apprehension of losing followers and support, many of us hold back from sharing the unfiltered hues of their lives, fearing both rejection and the omnipresent, scrutinizing gaze of the digital "Big Brother" that hungers for intimate revelations.

Irene Ferri invited her community to share stories they felt they felt unable to express online.Every shot unravels the layers of silence that surround topics such as the weight of abortion decisions, the discomfort of aging, the guarded secrets of sexual orientation, battles with anxiety and panic, the deep well of burnout, the personal journey through spirituality, and the shadows of mourning.

The project aims to remind us that behind every 'like' and 'follow' lies a complex web of personal stories yearning for acknowledgment. It also seeks to create a more empathetic and understanding virtual community, where we don’t have to constantly fear sharing our truths and what happens in our private lives.

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