Based in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Irene Ferri is an Italian photographer, teacher and entrepreneur.

Ferri graduated in Communication & Media at Iulm University of Milan with a thesis on the work of cinematographers David Lynch, Michel Gondry and Wes Anderson.

In 2013 she moved to Los Angeles to study cinematography at UCLA Extension (University of California Los Angeles), which has had a huge impact on her artistic vision. She designs pictures like still frames from a movie and strongly believes in the contamination of multiple disciplines (cinema, literature, art and music) that all collide in her photographic work.

Ferri has been acknowledged by Nikon Italy and Nikon Europe as one of their best young talents in 2019, 2020 and 2021. She has taught visual communication, photography and Instagram marketing at IUSVE University of Venice, ACT Creative Tourism Academy, Nikon School and the Order of Journalists of Emilia Romagna.

In 2022 Ferri founded her e-learning company in the Canary Islands, The Arizona Project.

Her work is deeply connected to introspection, mental health, neurodivergence, and the exploration of gender identity.

Ferri is neurodivergent and identifies as non-binary (but still uses she/her pronouns).




Bachelor of Communication, Media and Advertising | IULM – International University of Languages and Media - Milan, Italy
Certificate program in Movies & TV Production | UCLA Extension – University of California Los Angeles - USA


Miami Street Photography Festival - Singles | People's Choice Award (2022)


Fotofestival Lenzburg - Synthesis | Singles Finalists (2024)
Italian Street Photography Festival - Singles Finalists (2024)
Format Festival presents: Future Now (2024)
Dublin Street Photography Festival (2024)
Chromatic Photography Awards | Honorable Mention in "People" Category (2022)
Chateau Gallery (Louisville, USA) - The Surreal Exhibition | Director's choice (2022)


Couldn’t share that | Biennale of Female Photography (Mantova, 2024)
Riscatti | part of Shaping Fair Cities (Bologna, Italy - 2020)
People I met Once (Reggio Emilia, Italy -2012)


[upcoming] Dublin Street photography festival (Dublin, Ireland - 2024)
[upcoming] Italian Street Photography Festival (Rome, Italy -2024)
Format Festival presents Future Now (Derby, UK - 2024)
Tribute to three museums - Spazio ReFactory (Reggio Emilia, Italy -2023)
Miami Street Photography Festival (Miami, USA - 2022)
New Addictions – Falegnameria Messori (Reggio Emilia, Italy -2021)
I is Another – Atelier Viaduegobbi3 (Reggio Emilia, Italy -2013)
Remember me – Atelier Viaduegobbi3 (Reggio Emilia, Italy -2010)
Lego Logo – Galleria Zenone 1.1 Contemporanea (Reggio Emilia, Italy -2010)


Artivis(mo) | Roma (2021)


Nikon Italia - Nikon Creator (2019,2020,2021)
Nikon Europe - Brand ambassador for Nikon Z50 (2020, 2021)
TEDxReggioEmilia - Contributor to the marketing & communication team (2018, 2019)


GAM Torino (Galleria Civica di Arte Moderna e contemporanea), Regione Lombardia, Visit Romagna, Come to Hamburg, The North Face, Huawei Italia, Polaroid, Casa Milo, Real Me, Crocs, Wanderlust, Brandina The Original, Skate Love Barcelona.