IT∀LIA is a personal and, at the same time, collective photographic project. A challenge to pervasive negativity. Send me your stories on why you love Italy, what binds you to our country and I’ll translate them into photographs. The most significant ones will be collected in a final exhibition.


“Nothing works in Italy. Italy sucks. Italy is fucked”.

I don’t know about you, but this is what comes to my eyes every day on my Facebook feed, and very often in real life. Angry, disappointed, frustrated Italians.

As I have already shared with you, after living three years in the United States, I returned to Italy in 2016. In some ways, it was not easy at all to readjust. I have encountered real difficulties, regarding economic, practical, transportation, even gender equality topics. I do not deny it. I was very angry too.

riomaggiore cinque terre

But after two years I got tired. Tired of hearing only complaints. Tired of only listening to negative comments. From myself and from others. I have heard more times “Italy is so beautiful” from my American friends than from my fellow citizens.

So I thought about creating a photographic project together.
A project for us, Italians (often) disappointed and dissatisfied. A challenge.

This pejorative lens that we carry forward prevents us from appreciating all the beauty from which we are surrounded. What if we change point of view?


The question I ask you is: what do you love about Italy? What binds you to this land? Why, despite everything, you wouldn’t leave it for anything in the world? Or what are you nostalgic about when you are far away? What memory is still impressed in your heart?

I will collect your answers through the form at the end of this page and translate your thoughts into photographs. These flashes of Italy, small emotional fragments will then be collected in a final exhibition entitled “IT∀LIA”.

I want to dig deep, so standard answers like “pizza and colosseum” are not allowed 🙂

florence italy

In recent years I have traveled a lot for Italy far and wide, and I filled my eyes with amazement.

I want to create something for us, a photographic archive that reminds us that it is still worth to love this nation, which we mistreat and curse now every day.

I would like you to participate from all over the world, no matter where you are today. I am interested in finding out your points of view.

How to participate

If you want to contribute, you can write to me via this form. In case your experience is chosen and translated into photography for the exhibition, you will be informed and quoted!

My immense gratitude will however go to all of you who will dedicate some time to the project! Thank you in advance.

    basilica sant'andrea mantua