I was already beginning to feel nostalgic for my beloved United States after a week back from my last American trip when a super excited friend told me: guess where I’m going next week! And this is how I “got to know” the International Festival of American culture and music from the 40s and 50s, Summer Jamboree. I said “got to know” because although I have spent a lot of time abroad, for years and years I have seen photographs of the Summer Jamboree, an event that has more than 400,000 appearances every year and that attracts people from Australia, the States and all of Europe.

It’s a HUGE event, where rockabilly culture lovers come from all over the world get together for the “Hottest Rockin ‘Holiday on Earth” in our beautiful region Marche, Italy.

Senigallia is transformed, for 12 days, into a true American dream of the 50s.

12 days, 42 concerts, 3 stages, Burlesque shows, walk-in tattoos, dance camps, vintage markets: it would be impossible to describe the entire beauty of Summer Jamboree in a few photographs and words. This article aims to intrigue you and to let you know that, if you love American culture like me, there is a festival that for 19 years has been celebrating its rock’n’roll memory with so much care and passion.

Vi rimando al sito ufficiale del Sper più informazioni e per organizzarvi per il Jamboree del 2019 (31 Luglio-11 Agosto)! Qui vi racconto la mia esperienza del 3 e 4 Agosto, suddivisa per luoghi:

I refer you to the official website of Summer Jamboree to get more info and to get organized for the 2019 edition (July 31st – August 11th)! Here I’ll share with you my personal experience from August 3rd to 4th 2018, divided by places:

Foro Annonario

I’ll start from the Foro Annonario, an 1800 structure located directly in the historic center, which over the years has become an absolute must-see location of the Summer Jamboree, the meeting place par excellence of the event.

The line-up of artists performing at this year’s show included significant names; I personally attended The Country Side of Harmonica Sam concert, emblem of contemporary country, while the whole forum was dancing in the dance floors set up in the Foro Annonario square.

The gardens of Rocca Roveresca

The splendid Rocca Roveresca, in Renaissance style, is the beating heart of Senigallia during the Summer Jamboree.

The evocative Marchigiana architecture is the perfect setting for free dance lessons, live concerts, themed food trucks and thousands of people getting together in Senigallia during the Festival days.

For my fellow photographers friends: from 5pm on here you’ll find the most interesting people dressed with clothes from the 40’s and 50’s. Don’t miss this out!

Rockin Village Vintage Market

You know how much I love American vintage vibes: I was part of the Venice Beach skating group for 3 years during my years living in Los Angeles

Here at the Rockin Village, I filled up with quality vintage from the 40s and 50s: I got crazy buying glasses, clothes, and postcards.

Rotonda a mare

Just a few minutes walking from the train station and the Fortress of Senigallia we find the Rotonda a Mare, where this year were organized:

  • A very interesting Walk in Tattoo event on August 3rd during the pre-Festival.
  • During the Festival, every evening, the post-Festival events from 1am to 4am, to dance all night to the rhythm of music.
  • During the Festival, every day, an awesome and complete Dance Camp: dance lessons for the duration of the whole event. Boogie Woogie, Lindy Hop, Jive, Balboa, WestCoast R’n’R, Solo Tap, Collegiate Shang are just some of the genres taught by the 20 professionals from the international swing scene who came from all over the world to teach at Summer Jamboree to dancers of all level (from the beginner to the advanced).

Personally, I attended a lesson of Lindy Hop by Moe Sakan and Vincenzo Fesi (who you can see in the picture) that left me mesmerized.

Mascalzone Chalet

swing dancers summer jamboree

For those who want to start dancing already in the early afternoon, Mascalzone is the place to be. Location of the Beach-side Record Hop and part of the Social Dance of Summer Jamboree, it’s located in the Lungomare Alighieri area.

An atmosphere of other times directly on the beautiful beach of Senigallia, where passionate dancers enjoy themselves under the notes of incredible DJs.

Piazza Garibaldi – Smeg Stage

The evocative Piazza Garibaldi hosts food trucks, a part of the vintage market and a stage of the Festival.

This year the stage was set up with an awesome set designed with Smeg American-style refrigerators.

Foto di Mattia Mancini

During the days of the Festival, the Smeg refrigerators stage was the setting for many artists performances, including Golden Voices of Gospel, directly from the United States in national exclusive.

Piazza Simoncelli

Ancient Jewish ghetto, Piazza Simoncelli has been designated as the official parking for all the OldTimers who brought their own American car  pre-’69. Walking around the square it’s possible to admire real ancient beauties.

From this square also starts the parade of American cars through the city of Senigallia, a fascinating and unmissable event.

Foto di Michele Telari

I conclude this article (which wants to be a tribute to this wonderful Festival) with the organizers’ words:

“The Summer Jamboree transports everyone in a parallel dimension of joy, lightheartedness, glamor, color, rhythm, dance, smiles, fun, freshness, party, suddenly giving shape to the elegant imagery of that America of the ’40s and’ 50s, which saw the birth of Rock and Roll. “

Here are all the official profiles so you can stay updated and get organized for next year: Official Website Summer Jamboree | Facebook | Instagram. If you wanna get a better sense of the Festival vibes have a look at this video!!

Save the date: the official dates for the next edition of Summer Jamboree (XX edition) are July 31st to August 11th, 2019.

See you next year Senigallia! And in the meantime.. keep up the rock’n’roll!


Ps if you are an America lover like me have a look at this Road Trip through Nevada, Arizona and Utah!

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