I’ve visited Rome many times and I’ve been hosted in many hotels, but the last time I went (October 2017) I had the pleasure to be hosted in an incredible historical palace in the very heart of “Roma, the eternal city”: Palazzo Scanderberg.

Situated just a couple minutes walking from the world famous Trevi Fountain, I would define the elegant Palazzo Scanderberg as the perfect union of luxury and practicability: built in the 15th century and renovated in 2016, the ancient house now features 10 modern apartments, all unique in their styles and characteristics.

Most of the apartments are HUGE. I found them perfect for families, couples and groups of friends. I was extremely impressed because it’s not easy to find this type of structures nowadays in Rome.

The Palace “takes its name for the Albanian hero and prince George Castriot Scanderbeg who commissioned the Palace in the 15th century”.

The Globalite and I had time to unplug and relax, taking a break from work before heading from Lazio to Umbria. We checked out both the Ambassador Suite (a 166 meters unforgettable suite on three luxurious floors), where we hang out in the afternoon, and The Scanderbeg Suite (the most exclusive suite of the palace, which provides a very romantic experience not giving up on day comforts). where we spent the night.

With wooden beams decorating the ceilings and pavements made of Venetian mooring posts, the suites provide a perfect luxurious, cozy experience.

All apartments feature a complimentary minibar which is most definetely the most equipped I’ve ever seen. Snacks and an incredible variety of wines and champagnes are also available.

In the evening we had a really nice dinner with some friends from Germany in our suite living room, taking advantage of our well furnished and equipped innovative kitchen. Since Palazzo Scanderbeg gifted us with a delicious package of Paccheri and sauce at our arrival, we decided to indulge in the most Italian dish of all times: PASTA!

“The historic charm of the location together with the modern manufacture style coexist to establish a perfect harmony.”

The Palazzo was for me a true home away from home, “una casa lontano da casa”, and I barely wanted to leave my room during the time I spent there, which is quite crazy if you think that Rome is my favorite city in the world. I extremely recommend staying here if you want to treat yourself and feel home at the same moment, next time you are in Rome!

Being so close to the Trevi Fountain, I could easily wake up early and have it all for myself, beating the crowd. What a dream come true!

In the morning, a very friendly personal butler came to our apartment to cook us breakfast DIRECTLY in our kitchen. We felt so pampered and incredibly taken care of. You could enjoy your breakfast both indoor, enjoying your privacy, and outdoor, overlooking the Roman neighborhood.

 Breakfast at Palazzo Scanderberg Breakfast at Palazzo Scanderberg  Beakfast at Palazzo Scanderberg Beakfast at Palazzo Scanderberg

There are different options for breakfast, depending on your nutrition needs and your daily mood: “Be Light”, “Be Champion”and “Be Scanderbeg”. The Globalite and I both decide to have Be Scanderberg which comes with a glass of Prosecco because.. YOLO, right? All the dishes were incredibly fresh, tasty and abundant.

 Colosseum Colosseum  Piazza of the Knights of Malta Piazza of the Knights of Malta

Palazzo Scanderberg is very central, so we could easily reach all the main points of interest in Rome. In the evening we enjoyed a relaxing stroll to Piazza Navona, while on Sunday morning we walked to the Porta Portese Flea Market and took some pictures at the Colosseum as well.

There are so many great monuments, museums and photogenic spots in Rome! I’ll cover more of them in my next articles. For this time.. that’s all folks!

 Mercato di Porta Portese Mercato di Porta Portese  The Globalite - Mercato di Porta Portese The Globalite – Mercato di Porta Portese

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