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In this post, you will discover with me the most photogenic spots in Hamburg, Germany.

This March I had the opportunity to visit this awesome German town with the “Come to Hamburg project” to explore the city and discover its most beautiful places for us photographers.

My first impression of Hamburg was extremely positive: the city is very contemporary; beautiful and particular but never showing ostentation.

We found pretty much everywhere pretty affordable prices and a low key atmosphere. A lot of Germans visit the town for the weekend and consider it the most beautiful town in Germany with Berlin.

Here are the top photo and Instagram spots in town. Enjoy!

ElbphilharmonieElbphilharmonie most photogenic spots hamburg

Although built in recent times, the Elbphilharmonie is fastly becoming one of the symbols of the city of Hamburg, with its modern architecture that creates a sharp but graceful contrast with the antiquity of the HafenCity buildings.

Hamburg CityScape

The Elbphilharmonie is one of the most photogenic places in Hamburg, and you can’t absolutely miss it. Whether by day, by night, or at sunset during the famous “Blue Hour”, you have to pass by it!

Elbphilarmonie Hamburg daytime

hamburg port

Nikolaifleet Canal

Nikolaifleet Canal Hamburg

Within walking distance of the Elbphilharmonie, you will find one of the oldest and most suggestive parts of Hamburg, the Nikolaifleet canal. Today is the only canal in town that has palaces recalling the Hamburg style. A must-see when you will pass by the city, and certantly one of the most photogenic spots in Hamburg.

Nikolaifleet Canal HamburgKramer-Amtsstuben

Krameramtsstuben, a real gem, is the only remaining city alley with houses built with wooden beams in the 17th century.

Follow the signs for the restaurant and you will find this very characteristic foreshortening.

Kramer-Amtsstuben HamburgHamburg Krameramtswohnungen

During our walk through the Neustadt district not only we could admire St Micheal church, but we also found this alley full of very photogenic red tiles, in typical Hamburg style.


germany Hamburg Speicherstadt photogenic spots hamburg

Hamburg SpeicherstadtRed bricks Hamburg Speicherstadtgermany hamburg town

Perhaps the most Instagrammed and photographed place in Hamburg, Speicherstadt or “city of warehouses” is one of the largest storage complexes in the world, built at the end of the 19th Century is now a point of attraction and destination for many travelers. In 2015 Speicherstadt was named UNESCO heritage site.

From the Poggenmühlen bridge, you’ll get the most iconic view of the city. Tip: get closer to the canals at sunset or when it gets darker and you’ll see the red houses that, illuminated, will create interesting reflections on the water.

Hamburger Rathaus (Town Hall)

TownHall Hamburg most photogenic spots hamburg

TownHall HamburgTownHall Hamburg

Elegant and massive, the Hamburg TownHall was the first “attraction” in town that we took photos of. It’s impossibile not to see it: once you come out of Rathaus subway the majestic Rathausmarkt square will be right there.

The Chilehaus

ChileHaus most photogenic spots hamburg

I really enjoyed this unusual building which is among the most photographed places in Hamburg, the Chilehaus by architect Fritz Höger. Ten floors of pure style, with a sharp corner that immediately makes you think of a ship bow.

Chilehaus HamburgOld Elbetunnel

Elb Tunnel Hamburg

Opened in 1911, this iconic Tunnel that runs under the Elbe river connects Landungsbrücken with the Hamburg port area. It is possible to cross it either on foot or by car.

My friend Ilaria wanted to walk until we got to the other side and I must say that, once out, the view on Hamburg would have been very nice (if it was not for the clouds and the rain), so I absolutely recommend walking it.. on a sunny day!

Hamburg red bricks

Hamburg city germany

hamburg germany

hamburg germany red bricks church

How could I not include in this article the unique red tiles typical of Hamburg, that accompanied us throughout this German journey? You will find them everywhere, in the churches, on the ground, on the walls. They are one of the hallmarks of this German city and I’m, obviously, crazy for them!


hamburg levantehaus interior stairs

Our shelter during the rainy hours, Levantehaus is a structure built in the 90s which today represents one of the beating hearts of the city center. A true mix of architecture and shopping, within the Levantehaus you will find many picturesque and photogenic shops.

Once you have bought postcards and souvenirs from the shops, do not forget to stop and admire the Levantehaus ceiling and stairs, which represent a unique photographic opportunity.

Elbphilharmonie Plaza

elbphilharmonie hamburg inside balcony

As if the Philharmonic was not charming enough from the outside, even the internal architectural spaces reserve us many surprises. The escalators that take us inside are very impressive, as is the view of the port of Hamburg directly from the Elbphilharmonie balcony.

hamburg elbphilharmonie inside stairs

Rickmer Rickmers

A little gem that can be reached in a few minutes from Landungsbrücken, Rickmer Rickmers is an ancient vessel anchored in the port of Hamburg and that is used as a museum.

Since you are there, I absolutely recommend a nice walk along the road that flanks the Elbe river to admire all the boats of the Hamburg harbor.

Hamburg museums

Museum for Kunst und Gewerbe Hamburg 72

Thanks to the Kunstmeile Pass you can visit up to 5 museums with just one ticket. The structures included, among which is the Hamburg Museum of Arts and Crafts that you see in the picture, are continually hosting new exhibitions and, on a rainy day, are the ideal solution to immerse yourself in art and take tons of inspiration home.

Where to eat in Hamburg (and still take great photos)?

I’m gonna end this article with some photo-gastronomic tips, since thanks to Come to Hamburg I discovered these two little gems you can’t miss if you are hungry and wanna get delicious food + a great atmosphere!

Holiday Inn Hamburg – Elbgarten Restaurant

Holiday Inn Hamburg: Restaurant Elbgarten

We spent our last dinner in Hamburg in a very special place, the Holiday Inn Elbgarten Restaurant,which was directly built on the bank of the Elbe river.

Holiday Inn Hamburg Restaurant Elbgarten

Prima della cena ci siamo gustate un Kir Royal guardando il tramonto sul porto, e poi finalmente abbiamo assaggiato (o dovrei dire divorato…) un sacco di leccornie tedesche, tra cui il piatto tipico per eccellenza di Amburgo: il Labskaus, composto di patate, carne, barbabietole e pesce.

Holiday Inn Hamburg: Restaurant Elbgarten

I really appreciated Elbgarten delicate cuisine, as well as its strategic position that offered us a last unforgettable sunset over Hamburg.

Holiday Inn Hamburg view

Ban Canteen

If you are more of a hip person, in the heart of the “Bermuda triangle” between the St Pauli, Schanzenviertel and Karolineviertel districts, you can not miss Ban Canteen! A small, intimate and private place that offers a particular Vietnamese cuisine that mixes style and tradition.

Hamburg restaurant

Hamburg restaurant

Hamburg restaurant

We particularly appreciated Ban Canteen eco-sustainable approach; the restaurant substitutes plastic with glass – even the straws! – and uses as much organic and local ingredients as possible. The dishes do not have artificial flavors and preservatives but they are healthy and SOOO GOOD.

Restaurant hamburg vietnamise

We enjoyed a lot of tasty but light little dishes, like the Mango Panna Cotta you see in this last photo. Highly recommended if you are in the area and you’re looking for a quiet but super cozy restaurant. This is a really cool place to eat in Hamburg!

Hamburg - Germany

That’s all folks! I hope that the most photogenic spots in Hamburg (plus the foodie insert) have fascinated you as much they have won me.

I’d like to thank again very much Come to Hamburg for letting us discover this city so rich in beauty and things to see. Head to their website for more information about the city of Hamburg!

As always, if you liked the post do not forget to pin it 🙂 If you like European cities, don’t forget to check out my article about Switzerland and Alsace.

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