I finally launched my new photographic “personal-collective” project named IT∀LIA.

This is a project that I thought as an Italian for Italians, but you’re welcome to contribute if you’ve ever been in our country.

“Italy sucks, nothing works in Italy, Italy is completely fucked.”

This is what we hear and read in our country pretty much every-single-day.

You will like this project if:

  • you’re tired of always hearing just bad things about Italy
  • you’re tired of hearing YOURSELF just saying bad things about Italy
  • you open your Facebook feed and you are buried under a million posts about the government that sucks, how terribly we do not enhance our historical-cultural heritage, and there is too much trash on the ground in Rome, and our new law is unacceptable, and blah blah blah…
  • you can’t listen to the complaints of your colleagues/friends/family anymore.
  • you want to concentrate (for 5 minutes) on something less depressing.

riomaggiore cinque terre

Since I’ve been very angry with Italy as well once back from my 3 years in the United States and since I too, as a good Italian, fight daily with the “pathology of easy complaining” (I-do-not want-to complain-karma-will-kill-me-and-negative-energy-pushes-me-down-buuut-TOO-LATE-HERE-I-AM-COMPLAINING-AGAIN) I had this idea:

Why for once do we focus on what we love about Italy?

So I ask you: what do you (still) love about Italy? What binds you to our country? What do you miss when you are far away?

Share with me a detail, a person you met, a place that impressed you, a taste, a sound… I’ll collect your stories, and translate the most beautiful ones into photographs.

Together we will create a collective archive of “the Italy that we still love”, that we could look back to every time we feel disappointed, frustrated and mad.

Why the inverted A you might be wondering? Because this project represents a challenge. A challenge to put aside for a moment negativity and complaining, to see things from another point of view. Let’s turn the collective mood upside down.

Furthermore, in mathematics, the symbol ∀ means “for each”. In fact, this is a collective project, where I will transform your memories and stories into photographs. The most significant stories will be collected in a final exhibition and will be accompanied by photos.

To learn more about the project or to participate, check out this page. Looking forward to hear your stories!

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