On the footsteps of “Fantastic Beasts and where to find them” (if you’re a Harry Potter fan then you know what I’m talking about!), I decided to come up with my own thing sharing with you the most emotional, moving and photogenic places that I encounter during my trips all around the world.

As you know I travel a lot and I see endless beautiful places, but these ones truly moved something in me. There’s something special about them.

Here are the 15 most Fantastic Places I visited in 2018 and where you can find them. Enjoy!

15. Zion National Park, Utah, USA

The first place I wanna mention is Zion because the energy here is extremely tangible. The camped in the park and the sunset was absolutely stunning. The picture here was taken from the South Campground.

zion national park night

Please note: you can’t drive through Zion National Park most the months out of the year, unlike all other main national parks in the USA. You’ll have to line up and get on a free shuttle bus.

The only road you can always drive through is Mount Carmel Highway. We were suggested to get up for sunrise and hike the Canyon Overlook Trail. We did, but we weren’t completely satisfied with the lighting up there. For sunrise shots I would suggest you explore different options.

14. Tenuta Mara, Rimini, Italy

tenuta mara rimini italy

I really need to share with you this incredible place that combines design, nature, and art producing biodynamic Sangiovese wine. Get lost through the Tenuta Mara wineries booking a tour through their website.

To learn more about the beauty of the Romagna region check out this article.

13. Picnic at Locanda I Girasoli, Misano Adriatico, Italy

American vibes mixed to a super Italian location: the Riviera Romagnola country yard. The summer picnics at Locanda I Girasoli are fun, romantic and extremely photogenic.

12. Red Rocks Amphiteathre, Denver, Colorado, USA

So. I was highly recommended to visit this place… BUT. We got there in the early afternoon and since they’re having movie night we couldn’t access the Amphitheatre. We got the tickets for The Big Lebowski in the evening e patently waited in line (for a while). When we got to security they didn’t allow me to bring my camera in, so I had to walk back to the car and leave it there. When we got inside the Amphiteathre the sun was already going down , but even if I couldn’t take any pro pic the visit was worth it.

red rocks colorado

Click here to see the whole Entertainment schedule at Red Rocks.

11. Senigallia, Italy during Summer Jamboree Festival

swing dancers summer jamboree

The entire town of Senigallia shuts down for 10 days and celebrates the American 40’s and 50’s. For Summer Jamboree people come from all over the world to swing dance and re-live the good old American days.

To discover more about this beautiful festival check out this article.

10. Cenote Zacil-Ha and Cenote Maya, Riviera Maya, Mexico

Cenote Zacil Ha Mexico
Cenote Zacil Ha

Cenotes in the Mayan culture are a direct portal to the Underworld. I’m mentioning both the cenotes I visited because Cenote Zacil-Ha is an open-air cenote, while Cenote Maya is still underground.

While Cenote Maya is for sure way more fascinating (you can visit it through the amazing Alltournative‘s tours), being able to see Cenote Zacil-Ha’s water under the sunlight really impressed me.

cenote maya mexico

9. Lago Carezza, Italy

This picture wasn’t photoshopped. This is the actual view you get when admiring Lake Carezza at sunset. During the day, the emerald water will mesmerize you even more.

lago carezza tramonto sunset

There’s a parking lot right across the street so won’t have to walk much to get to Karesee Lake.

8. National Historic Museum London, UK

Remember the movie “Night at the Museum”? It was shot here at the National Historic Museum. Even though the most photogenic view is from the main hall, make sure to plan some time to visit the entire museum.

7. God’s Own Junkyard, London, UK

This place literally felt like a neon dream come true. Iconic and pop, God’s Own Junkyard (located in Upper Walthamstow, just outside of London’s city center) is a private collection of the most creative and particular neon signs created by Chris Bracey.

Remember you can take pictures with your phone but not with a professional camera. The place is available for professional photoshoots if booked in advance.

6. Sagrada Familia, Barcelona, Spain

Huge and incredibly impressive, Gaudí’s Sagrada Familia almost made me cry. Make sure not only to visit the main building but the Cripta as well if you wanna get this view:

Book your tickets in advance through this link and remember that with every ticket you’re actually helping the church constructions.

5. Grundtvigs Kirke, Copenhagen, Denmark

I wasn’t expecting Grundtvigs church to move me the way it did, but I gotta say I truly felt a divine presence inside this simple yet powerful building. There was just something different about it.

Grundtving's Church - Copenhagen Denmark

The church is a little bit outside of town, you’ll need to hop on a bus from the city center to get there, but it’s absolutely worth it. If you are visiting during spring, make sure to check out Bispebjerg Cemetery as well.

4. Teatro Bibiena, Mantova, Italy

Words can’t describe the feeling of entering this beautiful Italian theater. It’s something that you have to experience.

teatro scientifico bibiena mantova

For a complete guide to the beautiful city of Mantova make sure to check out this article.

3. Venice Beach, California, USA

Being a roller skater, Venice is my happy place. I was lucky enough to spend some time here this year as well.

If you’re visiting Venice Beach, I suggest you go both during the week (much less touristy and chaotic) and on a Sunday since the Venice Beach Skaters perform in front of the Skatepark on Sundays (sometimes on Saturdays as well, but not all of them are there).

Venice Beach palms

Get dropped off at Venice Sign and then walk around on the Boardwalk. If you have enough time, make sure to visit Abbot Kinney Blvd and the Venice Canals as well, which are very close to the Venice Boardwalk.

2. Sedona, Arizona, USA

Sedona is the most magical place in the entire American West. It combines red rocks and city vibes, that’s why I love it so much. You can go from meditating on an energy vortex to drink the best chai latte ever, to get your aura picture done to shopping the most beautiful crystals. I’m writing a whole article about Sedona which is gonna come up soon.

sedona sunset airport mesa

When visiting Sedona you wanna at least spend 2/3 days in town.

Airport Mesa road and Amitabha Stupa (Peace Park) are in my opinion the best spots for sunset in Sedona that are reachable without a long hike.

1. Bryce Canyon National Park, Utah, USA

I’ve dreamed about seeing Bryce Canyon for a long time and this year in June the dream became reality. The Grand Canyon impressed me, but when I saw Bryce Canyon’s hoodoos I was literally blown away by its beauty.

Hoodoos are tall rocks that have been shaped by wind end erosion throughout the years.

bryce canyon point

In front of Bryce Canyon’s beauty I couldn’t help thinking: “Nature, you’re so powerful and majestic.” That’s why it’s my favorite fantastic place in 2018.

Bryce Point” is the place where these pictures were taken. It’s the last point in the park. We were told by the park rangers this was the best point to watch the sunset and it didn’t disappoint us (even though there’s another point called exactly “Sunset point”).

bryce canyon national park point

Here are my fantastic places for 2018 and where you can find them. What’s the most fantastic place you’ve visited this year?

Wishing you an amazing 2019, full of new adventures.


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