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Irene Ferri




Based in Reggio Emilia – Italy, now wandering around.

Previously: Los Angeles – U.S.A. (2013-2016), Milan – Italy (2010-2013).


Hi! I’m Irene Ferri. I love Earl Grey Tea, Venice Beach, CrossFit and other beautiful things.

Here you can find in details who I am and what I do.

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Photography, Media, and Marketing

My first approach to photography happened in a theater. I started shooting my actor friends during plays and performances and I went on for years until I became a published theatrical photographer in my region, Emilia Romagna (Italy).

In 2010 I moved to Milano to achieve a bachelor in Communication, Media and Advertising (Iulm University) and I graduated in 2013, with Gianni Canova as supervisor, with a dissertation on Michel Gondry, Wes Anderson, David Lynch and Tarsem Singh’s cinematographic and advertising works.

Attracted by different cultures and places, I soon started traveling all around Europe and specialized in Street Photography, which led me to different publications and exhibitions. In 2012 I officially became a reporter for the Art Section of Rolling Stone Italia Magazine. In 2011, 2012 and 2017 I worked as professional Nikon photographer in Sardinia as Family and Children Photographer.

Two months after my graduation in Milan, I moved to Los Angels to attend the TV&Cinema Producing Certificate Program at UCLA (University of California Los Angeles). In L.A. while I was working full time in Marketing, Media and Production, I fully immersed myself in Headshot, Fitness, Portrait and Lifestyle Photography, working with multiple renowned actors, dancers, athletes, entrepreneurs and celebrities in the vibrant Hollywood scene. After moving back to Europe in 2016 I’ve focused more and more on Travel Photography. 

 I now work all around the world as a marketing consultant, photographer and content creator for brands, businesses and agencies.



I was born in Italy, but I have been traveling since, when I was 9 months old, my parents decided to take me to Amsterdam, unaware that they were instilled in me that sense of “Wanderlust” that distinguishes my life today.

When I was 23 I took the courageous decision to move to Los Angeles (California, USA), and this changed everything for me. My ideas, my approach to things, my values, my vision of life. Three years have been very happy and fundamental in the development of my person. Once I returned to Europe, I continued to travel. My mother now jokingly calls me “tripaholic”.

Today, at the age of 27, I can say I was lucky enough to visit more than 22 countries and 140 cities. Among the dearest experiences, there are certainly hugging elephants in the Chiang Mai forest in Thailand and traveling through the  American West, a special place for me, to reach Monument Valley.

I opened this site in 2012, and since then it has been a source of continuous inspiration for travelers, creators, and creatives. The goal is to show more behind the scenes from my travels and to share with my followers tips on photography, travel, and lifestyle, with a special focus on “Fantastic Places and Where to Find them.”

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Fun Facts

Gemini ascending Scorpio (I promise you can tell!).

I’m an Earl Grey Tea addict but I’m also a sucker for American Lattes with a lot of milk foam.

My favorite word is Kunst, which in German means Art.

I have a very deep connection with California and Arizona, which are my favorite places in the world and have a totally unique vibe for me (I mention Los Angeles at least 5 times a day, be prepared in case we become friends!).

I consider myself a spiritual person but with a strong pragmatic approach to life. Among my greatest sources of inspiration, there are Gabby Bernstein, Abraham Hicks, and Elizabeth Gilbert.

I’m a cat person 🙂

Fitness & Wellness

During the years I spent in Los Angeles, I completely revolutionized my life and I started to get passionate about CrossFit, fitness, yoga, aerial dance, nutrition, and supplementation. This allowed me to work in Los Angeles as a model as well. Once back in Italy, I certified as a Personal Trainer at the FIF, Italian Fitness Federation. I am a great supporter of the “Body Positive” movement and I have a very particular approach to training, which for me must never be separated from loving oneself and from accepting oneself first. I believe that no “health journey” can really be defined as healthy if not accompanied by self-love. If you want to learn more about Intuitive Eating, check out the Body World Society founded by my best friend Lauren!

To date, in between trips, I always find the time for a yoga class or a session in the gym, which for me are essential to recharge!


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Bachelor of Communication, Media, and Advertising

Iulm – International University of Languages and Media-  Milano, Italy

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Certificate in Media, Tv and Cinema Production

UCLA – University of California Los Angeles

Some of the latest workshops I’ve attended:

Personal Branding by Gioia Gottini (2019)

Communication workshop by Marianna Martino – Zandegù (2019)

Global Woman Summit Los Angeles (2019)

Philip Kotler Marketing Forum Bologna (2018)

Visual Storytelling Days by Studio Samo (2018)

The Artists of SEO by Studio Samo (2018)

The School of Blog by MiPrendoEMiPortoVia (2018)

The Copy Cure by Laura Belgrey e Marie Forleo (2016)

Jump Start Your Facebook Marketing by Amy Porterfield (2016)

Business School Program by Marie Forleo (2015)


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